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How manage the Lifecycle of a Coroutine Job

I have just written an article about Kotlin Coroutines but now I want to go deep the topic of Coroutine Scope. What’s its lifecycle and the behavior of jobs.

The CoroutineScope and the Inheritance

When we launch a coroutine we need a Context to run it: a CoroutineScope. This one works like a RXJava Scheduler…

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In these article we will understand how implement the new Kotlin coroutines and how test them with MockK library. I use these code in an Android project, but the principles are generic for all Kotlin project.

Dispatcher and CoroutineScope

If you worked in past with RXJava you should understand the concept of Scheduler

How use ViewModelFactory with Multibindings.

From the past Google IO 2017 we having a new set of tools called Android Architecture Components, I have just spoken about one of them (Room) in a past article, today i want to speak about the ViewModel.

I will not write what is a ViewModel, there are many articles…

After Google I/O 2017 Kotlin is ufficially supported by Google, so in these months i have starting to code in Kotlin for work, the language is really cool, many feature are very useful, other strange, but allow you to have a clean code and easy to read.

I don’t like your Null Point Exception

The first thing…

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